Drug addiction remains one of the most prominent social problems in the Canadian society. When addictions strike the wealthy or the rich, it can be tempting to simply choose a rehab facility that comes with the biggest price tag. In reality, the cost of a facility isn’t always related to the care that facility can deliver.

Rather than homing in on cost, it is best to examine what services, therapies, and amenities the facility delivers and its overall success rate.

While the quality of the care offered is the paramount consideration, luxury treatment centers offer comfortable accommodations and amenities that can often keep clients engaged in treatment for longer periods of time.

Substance abuse is a mental health issue not limited to one group of people. Individuals dealing with drug addiction come from all social and financial arenas, from the very poor to the very rich.

There are a number of luxury Drug treatment centres and facilities available throughout the entire country of Canada.

Drug addiction is often based more on factors like genetic predisposition, social pressure, and mental or emotional factors.

As a result, there is a wide range of drug addiction treatment and rehab programs available for people from every walk of life. However, as with any high-cost item, a high price tag may not always be the measure of the best value in luxury drug addiction treatment programs.

The settings of these rehab centers are enhanced by the rich and varied amenities provided, including:

  • Recreation, such as horseback riding, swimming, and tennis
  • Meditation and yoga classes
  • Exercise facilities and programs
  • Massage and other physical therapy
  • Catered gourmet dining
  • Concierge and room service

The challenge often comes in figuring out which rehab is right for the particular individual who is selecting the program. Depending on the severity of the substance addiction or abuse, one rehab may not have the treatments needed to support long-term recovery.

In addition, if a center’s focus is all on setting and luxury, they may not provide appropriate treatment to result in long-term recovery. The following is a list of items to ask about and consider when selecting a luxury rehab program in Canada:

  • Availability of medically supported detox services
  • Range of mental health therapy and support services
  • Treatment of addiction for the specific substance in question
  • Prevalence of peer support in addition to individualized treatment
  • Provision of medical maintenance if needed
  • Reliance on research-based treatments over other methods

Amongst the prominent luxury drug treatment centers in Canada include: Sunshine Coast Health Centre, ledge Hill, Valiant Recovery, Orchard Recovery centre, Top of the world Recovery.




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